What is Modern Dance?

Modern Dance was developed at the beginning of the 20 th century primarily in the United States and Germany.  It rebelled against classical ballet and the banality of show dancing. Isadora Duncan, Louis Fuller and Humphrey/Weidman where some of the early pioneers.  Modern Dance is an ever changing dance form.  Like Modern Art or Contemporary Music it is explorative, experimental and finds its' own language of body movement to express its' innermost feelings and thoughts.  Some forms of Modern Dance incorporate cultural influences, classical techniques, ball room dance, and pop movements our present generation.

Why Study Modern Dance?

Modern Dance integrates a great physical workout with a mental, emotional and creative one as opposed to a physical workout alone. In studying technique, a lot of emphasis is placed on learning sequences of movement (combinations), then incorporating  self expression or emotional overtones to motivate the combination.  Improvisation provides a space where a person can play and experiment with different versions of movement ideas. If their aim is to choreograph, they can find the  version in their improv that best satisfies the goals or needs of the piece. In learning how choreograph one learns how to be inspired  by ones' imagination and come up with completely original movement  ideas and then develops them into a dance piece.

We live in a world of thoughts, cell phones, I pads, and computers. Can you imagine what a release it would be to place yourself in a physical world of complete expression and freedom from the tensions and demands of our contemporary society.  Moving the body, as it was meant to be, can bring incredible joy and love of life.

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